Top 6 Weird Mysteries in Yoruba Land With Hot Magic To Baffle You

  • Bizarre
  • January 2, 2019

We’ll go through six of the top weird mysteries in Yoruba land that are enough to spellbind the most skeptic mind considering the magic behind them.

I'm aware of Pyramids of Egypt, Stone Henges in Europe & other wonders of the world. But some people are of the opinion that there are Weird Mysteries in Yoruba land that are yet to be recorded or discovered with strong legends & hot magic to back it up.

Some mysteries have hot magic you cannot disprove scientifically because they are really hard to explain. We go through seven of the top weird mysteries in Yoruba land. They are;

6 Sixteen headed palm tree at Orile-Owu Town

Orile Owu is a town in Osun State that you can access via Ikire in less than two hours. Orile Owu is the first settlement of Owu kingdom before its indigenes spread to other part like Ago-Owu in Ogun state and other part of the Yoruba nation. The name Orile-Owu literally means “the origin of Owu”. A few road walk into the farmland not too far from the royal palace and an old cocoa produce store was located a Sixteen headed palm tree, another weird mysteries in Yoruba land, which was said to have mysterious power to bless you with whatever your wish is.

According to Adeyeye Ayobami who claimed he has seen this Sixteen headed palm tree; “one of the indigenes that took us there claimed that if you come to the palm tree alone with white chicken to offer as a sacrifice and request for anything, it will grant your wish”.  The Sixteen headed palm tree has been there for more than 26years undisturbed.