Top 5 ways to get your dreamed girl with less spending

  • Relationship
  • November 26, 2018

Have you ever fantasized about getting your dreamed girl with less spending? Yeah most guys do. But the these kinds of fantasy has always been a mirage to several boys as they wake up to the ash realities of life about boys and girls relationship. For instance, in our current era, when a guy's bank account is nor "juicy' or the guy is not some sort of a celebrity, then your dreamed girl becomes a sort of crying for the moon. But it doesn't have to be. Here, we'll be sharing some age long techniques of getting your dreamed girl without spending a dime.

Are you crazy? You don't mean you? Yes, we do. Making any dreams come through only requires some sort of discipline and ingenuity on the part of the dreamer and in the case of boys and girls relationship, it's not any different. Money alone does not attract all girls, they prefer other kinds of ‘’assurance’’ you know :). Okay, here is the list of top 5 ways to get your dreamed girl with less spending.

1 Girls love gift, even boys

Well we said "Top 5 ways to get your dreamed girl with less spending" so don't get it twisted. You don't need to buy her heavens, but you you can't get her going in a dry relationship without any moment  of " got this for me?" It doesn't have to be gift on her birthdays alone. Remind her how special she is to you first and then to the world all the time.

2 Always be a shoulder to lean on for her

Your dreamed girl might need someone to talk with about serious or less serious issues. Don't be wird when you are arround her...that will get her reconsidering her options. Be the man. Stand with her. Do not allow another person to be this instead of you. Be there for her even when she is happy, be the one to share the smile with her.

3 Do not choke your dreamed girl

You must be at alert. You must know when she wants to talk or times she wants to have free moments to herself. You want something, but she want something else at that moment, you should understand that she's also a human with feelings, so give her some breathing space. You will only make things worse in the long run if you continue shoving your option down her throat.

4 Be a good friend to your dreamed girl but do not be zoned

Most times, one is close with that dreamed girl but tend not to know what next to do with such relationship. You have a focus which you must maintain, be closer with her, be her best friend but ensure she does not zone you. Subsequent highlights will help to prevent you from being friend zoned.

5 Advice your dreamed girl rightly

Most time, we often allow our emotion to cloud our judgement when it comes to that girl we have secret feelings affection for. This sometimes prevent us from saying the truth in a bid to please her. but that might be our undoing. We have to be sincere and genuine with her. Encouraging her to follow her passion when we discovered one in her and caution her where she need to be cautioned even if its bitter. She will definitely agree with you because every girls appreciate a sincere man