Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

If you want to stand out in the world and make sure that you have the most expensive brand name clothing in the world, then this list is for you. These brands represent the ultimate in luxury and pure indulgence. The clothes are well made from the most luxury fabrics available. Their clothes follow seasonal fashions but are all still classic pieces that you will treasure for many years to come.

2 Chanel

Is an iconic brand that has survived with class across the decades. A vintage Chanel dress will cost you a small fortune. This is an investment to give to your children and grandchildren. They offer a range of clothes, shoes and of course their famous perfume range. Designed for elegant women who want classic pieces with an innovate touch.

2 Gucci

If you want to look trendy, stylish and wealthy then this is the brand for you. Gucci has a collection of timeless pieces, yet they cater for fashionistas with trend setting designs. The great Italian brand is for sale all over the world and you can buy clothes, perfumes, bags and other accessories with the famous branding.

2 Prada

The devil wears Prada and everybody else wants to. Classic yet fashionable design that appeals to everyone. Prada has a wide range of items and although most of their collection is very expensive they do offer items that are within the price range of a wider number of people. The whole range is fun and innovative yet offers a sense of class and style. Everyone wants to own the famous Prada handbag one day. They make fabulous bags, shoes and wide range of clothing.

2 Marc Jacobs

They are famous for their gorgeous coats and jackets but they offer a wide range of fashionable items from bags to shoes and perfumes. The range is trendy, yet the pieces are luxurious enough to ensure that you can wear them for years and still look fashionable. Young celebrities love Marc Jacobs and they have become one of the most well-known expensive brands in the world.

2 Dior

The house of Dior is known for its trend setting designs and glamourous handbags. Their perfumes are very well known and sold across the globe. Dior provides a sense of sophistication while at the same time allowing the wearer to be at the forefront of the hottest fashion trends.