5 cheap local beads that will make you look like a royalty

Beads are for beauty and even cheap local beads can always bring out the best in any person. The use of beads can be dated back yo years when it was still common among royal people. Apart from the fact that they used it to identify themselves as princes and princesses, they also use it to make themselves look more beautiful at least than others. This is more common amidst the female royalties who used the bead as necklaces, hand bead, for clothes and even added to the hair.

In recent days, these cheap local beads are used in special events such as weddings or traditional events even and the transforming effect it has on those who where it is royal. They make one stand out in the midst of many people present on the occasions. These local beads unlike other pearls are common in Nigeria and we have a list of five of such cheap local beads that you can put on in your coming occasion to make you look like a royalty.

1 Coral Nigerian beads

Coral beads are another cheap local beads made from the skeletons of limestone gotten from marine polyps. They are used by most brides in traditional weddings to look so natural. They can come in various colours and use to match any attire and will definitely give the look of a rayalty to lady that has it on.


2 Yellow bridal beads

Yellow bridal beads are another collections of yellow beads arranged to beautify one. These even cheap local beads are made especially for brides. They come in such a way that they can be placed around the neck, hair, and hand.

3 Pearl inspired jewelry

Pearl inspired jewelry are made to have a rounded shelly concrete which also has a brilliant and shining lustre. They come in a pale greyish white colour but can be tinted with any colour wanted by the person. Sometimes, they are arranged in such a way that some parts are tinted and the next is left plain. This makes it look adorable and before you know it, you have confused your admirer with your radiance.

4 Challenger Beads

Challenger beads is yet another form of cheap local beads used by ladies in Nigeria. As the name implies, the challenger is used by the ‘’old ladies’’ to show that they were ready for marriage and needs any man who can ask them to challenge them. Also, they are used by ladies when in beauty competitions. There is a message the usage pass, that my bead beats every other one in this place.

5 Blue code beads

Blue code beads are also used by brides. It is a cheap local bead arranged in a systematic way to show the radiance of the skin around the neck region. The necklace is designed to fit a particular pattern of clothes.

These beads dazzle your admirers and make them be at your mercy. Get one if not all the 5 today.