5 Best Yoruba Sport Presenters - Vote Who is best Now!

  • Sports
  • December 20, 2018

Yoruba Sport Presenters poll is a way of knowing who is best at sport program presentation on our local radio and also to improve the healthy competition among the Yoruba Sport Presenters who we believe are the best in order to add more beauty to the game of sports.

So, here we have the best sport presenters in local dialects are listed on this poll. Vote your choice and let the public opinion give us the best among these sport giants on the radio

1 Who Is The Best Yoruba Sport Presenter In Nigeria 2018

Among these sport giants on the radio who has contributed to the development of sport and increase the love of sport in Nigeria through Yoruba language presentation, please vote who is the best. The criteria for voting should be based on the following:

  • Yoruba Language fluency
  • Accuracy of Information
  • Time Management
  • Source Credibility
  • Ability to Take feedbacks from audience
  • Group Discussion on Sport Matters